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When I first started photography, I had a lot of questions…

& quite honestly, it was difficult to find any real answers. So, I did my best to find it all out on my own. However, it wasn’t until I found a supportive community of photographers who TRULY wanted to help, that I found not only my questions answered, but encouragement to help me along. That is what I desire to cultivate- kindness, support & guidance. Community over competition. & overall, apply whatever I insight I’ve attained down the road to YOU! Whether you feel stuck, need help reaching your goals, or want to learn more about your camera, I’m here to help. Though I’m sure there are plenty options out there, I can offer you what you want to know. Below is what I currently offer and feel like I would be of the best help for.

“I highly recommended this mentorship! I learned way more than I ever expected & it really brought my photography business to the next level. Marissa was so sweet/educated & provided AMAZING models for me to practice posing on. I use to have so much stress before photo shoots but now I walk into my shoots with confidence because of this mentorship”



Option 1: One-on-One’s $300

We will meet at a coffee shop (no worries, I know all the best coffee spots in town), spend about a total of 3 hours shooting, talking photog biz, and of course, getting to know you more! You come with any questions you may have & I’ll be there ready to answer.

This session includes:

1 hour question time- ask me any questions you like! I ask you to come prepared with a list of questions that have been on your mind and a list of things you might be struggling with. Hey, I’m here to help! (don’t worry, you can ask me questions any time! This is just set aside time dedicated to help answer specific questions you may have.)

1 hour photo session- I’ll provide some models who are super friendly & comfortable in front of the camera. Here we will focus on lighting, camera settings, posing or whatever you feel like you need to work on. I’ll photograph right beside you to help you along!

New headshots!- This is for your biz! I also believe it helps to be in your clients shoes & experience how to ease their nerves on the other side of the camera.

45 minutes post processing- we will import the photos from the shoot so you can show me your work flow & how you edit! & I’ll be there right along side you to provide you with tips, tricks and encouragement.

  • website/portfolio critique- honestly, sometimes I learn best through critique! Learning means I’m growing, & if there are any suggestions I can offer, I’d be more than happy to help. Nevertheless, I always learn new things from other photographers. I already know you’re doing great!


Option 2: Skype date $250

ah, the age of technology. But seriously, how cool is it that we can connect, learn and grow from one another even when we’re hundreds or thousands of miles away?

1 hour and 30 minutes- you’ll have my undivided attention to ask about editing, style, client connections, gear, or whatever you’d like. There’s an option to share the screen for me to help you with editing real time. & we can also go over work/website critique- anything I can do to help!

Marissa is an amazing mentor/photographer! From the start we hit it off, and I felt like I was chatting with a friend rather than it being business. She answered all my questions, and was so patient and kind with explaining certain things to me. On our shoot, she shot photos and allowed me to do my thing as well. Always guiding me along the way, and providing suggestions. After the shoot, she sat with me and we talked post processing. She gave me some pointers, and again was very sweet to answer my questions. One of my favorite parts of it all was the headshots she took of me. I absolutely love them, and can’t wait to use them on my website! Marissa is talented, kind, patient and so encouraging! If you’re looking for a mentor, I would highly recommend her! Now I’ve got a new friend in the business, and I love that! ❤️


Thanks SO much for your interest. I desire to serve wholeheartedly in everything I do, including investing in others & making new friends in the process. With all that being said, I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

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